Food Processing 

Food Processing Inspection


Our NDT inspectors have experience in many different food processing plants, whether it is making cranberry products, dehydrating potatoes or brewing beer, they are equipped to provide high quality and timely inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT) . 





Services Offered

Boiler Inspection 

Our inspectors have over 20 years of experience inspecting a wide range of boiler types like package boilers, fire tube boilers, water jacket boilers, etc. To learn more about our boiler inspection service, click here.


Process Piping & Ammonia Line Inspection 

Maintaining proper ammonia lines is critical to the safety and operation of a plant. 5 Star Testing’s inspectors will look for indications like corrosion using testing methods such as ultrasonic thickness testing to evaluate the piping’s condition.


Heat Exchangers & Air Coolers Inspection

5 Star offers tubular eddy current inspection to test for cracking and pitting. To learn more about eddy current inspection, click here.


Tanks, Vats, and Vessel Inspections

Inspection of  tanks can help safe guard against possible leakage, product wastage, and avoid unwanted forced shutdowns. Our inspectors can perform visual & ultrasonic surveys to detect erosion, corrosion, cracking, etc. and evaluate the condition of your equipment.


Other Equipment or Specific Needs

Contact 5 Star to see what non-destructive testing methods may apply to your facility. To learn more about the non-destructive testing service we offer, see the links below.

Non-destructive Testing Methods