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5 Star Testing is an industry leader in inspection service for the power generation industry. 5 Star Testing’s inspectors and non-destructive testing (NDT) technicians have the knowledge, experience, and tools to provide a quality inspection while maintaining a safe productive work environment. 



The 5 Star Difference

One of the many things that sets 5 Star Testing apart from the rest of the competition is our staff. Many of 5 Star’s lead inspectors have been with the company for over 20 years, which is uncommon in this industry. This correlates to a consistent set of inspectors that not only build a relationship with you as our client, but learn the individual quarks that each unit can have.


Services Offered

Boiler Inspection

Our superior methods and knowledge have dramatically reduced our clients forced shutdowns and extended the life of their boilers. Our visual inspectors use their extensive knowledge and years of experience to locate problem areas that can be easily overlooked. They will be able to direct ultrasonic thickness mapping to more effectively target problem areas, and cut down on unneeded data points. After the inspection, a report will be compiled detailing the condition of the boiler and any recommendations for repair. Our clients have noticed the difference in the quality of our inspection from day 1, recognizing the value that 5 Star Testing brings, along with long-term cost savings that you can appreciate. To learn more about our boiler inspections, click here.


Weld Inspection 

5 Star offers American Welding Society (AWS) certified welding inspectors (CWI’s) and phased array inspection for outage support. Whether from steam line inspections to boiler component overhaul, your covered. We have the experience from handling small outages to major overhauls. To learn more about our CWI’s, click here. To learn more about phased array inspection, click here.


Quality Control – Quality Assurance

QC/QA is a crucial component to overhauls/shutdowns. It’s important to make sure that proper materials and parts are being installed. Our QC/ QA inspectors are entrusted for high quality and reliable inspections that comply with the requirements of the controlling jurisdiction, applicable governing code, customer requirements, and applicable standards of 5 Star Testing, Inc. This will ensure that you receive the quality of work that is expected from your contractors. To learn more about our QC/ QA services, click here.


Steam-line Inspection 

Maintaining a proper steam line is critical to safety and operation of a plant. 5 Star offer a complete steam line inspection that includes taking hanger measurements, hanger attachment inspection, ultrasonic thickness measurements, phased array examination of weld joints, hardness testing, and metallographic replications.


Piping Inspection 

5 Star offers numerous piping inspections, from coal piping to flow assisted corrosion (FAC) inspection. This is commonly performed on piping elbows & tees. You will typically see corrosion or erosion in these areas. These are critical components from a safety & operational stand point. Repeat inspections can help understand corrosion / erosion rate, and prepare ahead of time for repair and avoid forced shutdowns.


5 Star also provides American Petroleum Institute (API) inspections. To learn more about API 570 Piping Inspections, click here.


Air Preheater Inspection

From tubular to regenerative air preheater systems, 5 Star has the experience to help your air preheater run efficiently.  Our inspectors will look for problems such as plugged tubes or baskets, erosion from abrasive flue dust, leakage in casing, and corrosion from dew occurring.


Duct Work & Stack Inspection 

Proper maintenance of the duct work can help improve efficiency of your boiler. Our inspectors will mark out areas for repair, detail them in a work order along with photos for the maintenance contractor to follow.

Stack Inspections can be performed by a man-lift basket. When performing the inspection by man-lift basket, our inspectors are able to get an up-close visual inspection, and even taken ultrasonic thickness readings if necessary. Via the man-lift basket they are able to inspect the inside and outside of the stack for corrosion, degradation, and other damage.


Deaerator (DA) Tank & Heater Inspection 

Deaerator tank and heater inspection consists of a visual inspection of the inside and outside of the tank. Our inspectors will look for problems like flow assisted corrosion (FAC) on the shell of the tank, around nozzles, grating, etc. A general ultrasonic thickness survey of the tank will be performed, along additional testing as needed to define any wastage areas. Magnetic particle inspection will be performed on welds to identify any cracking issues, based on the visual inspection or a pre-defined scope.


Condenser Inspection

Our visual inspectors will look over the waterbox, tubesheet, hotwell, tube bundles, and structural components. They will inspect for erosion, corrosion, cracks, blockage, leakage, foreign material, bends and warped pieces. When components like spargers fail it can lead to further damage occurring on structural beams and the tube bundles.


Heat Exchanger & Feedwater Heater Inspections

5 Star offers tubular eddy current inspection. This non-destructive testing (NDT) method is ideal for nonferromagnetic tubing. To learn more about eddy current inspection, click here.


Pressure Vessel Inspection 

Comprehensive inspection of a pressure vessel is crucial to safety & operation of the plant. Our inspectors can perform visual & ultrasonic thickness surveys to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. To learn more about API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspections, click here.


Above Ground Storage Tank Inspection 

Inspection of storage tanks can help safe guard against possible leakage, and avoid unwanted forced shutdowns. Our inspectors can perform visual & ultrasonic thickness surveys to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. We are also proud to offer STI SP001 adjunct cert for API 653. To learn more about API 653 Storage Tank Inspections, click here.