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5 Star Testing’s inspectors and non-destructive (NDT) technicians have the knowledge, experience, and tools to provide the specialized & quality inspection you deserve. Our team will tailor the inspection to the distinct individual needs that each client has, while maintaining a safe working environment. 



Services Offered

Wind Turbine Inspection

5 Star Testing, Inc. is a pioneer for inspecting wind turbines. We know that every turbine model has its own individual failure issues. We’ll work with you to address repeat failures. Rest assured that 5 Star Testing has you covered from the base of the tower to the blades. Our technicians are certified up tower climber & rescuer, they have the training and equipment to climb and inspect safely at heights. 5 Star technicians are equipped with the knowledge and instruments for tower, bearing, gears, and blade inspections. Starting from the ground up, we can inspect bolting and welds on the tower for corrosion and cracking.

For the nacelle, 5 Star offers remote visual inspection for the gearbox. Our inspectors will look for cracked gear teeth, pitting and other indications. For gearing that is readily accessible, we offer phased array inspections. This is particularly useful for detecting gear teeth that are cracking.

In the nose cone, depending on the model we have developed methods for inspecting blade pitch bearings that have a tendency for cracking. We are able to detect and size cracking for growth monitoring.

Blade integrity is a critical component of the turbine from a safety and operation stand point. We offer blade root inspection for detection & sizing cracking, at the bottom of bolt holes, this is a very common practice on V-47 turbines. 5 Star Testing also has the capabilities to inspect fiberglass blades for delamination and cracking. This is typically done for blades being repaired on the ground level. We are able to map the cracks for removal, and verify the repair afterwards.


wind-turbine bearing inspection

Inspection of blade pitch bearings


wind-turbine blade pitch inspection










Inspection of gear teeth cracking


wind-turbine Inspection of gear teeth










Inspection of V-47 blade root



Hydroelectric Services 

5 Star offers a wide range of non-destructive testing services for Hydroelectric facilities. We have API 653 / STI SP001 tank inspectors for oil and holding tanks. We also offer eddy current inspection of hydrogen cooled heat exchangers. Click here to see our complete list of non-destructive testing methods that we offer.