Boiler Inspections

Boiler Inspection

        Boiler Types Served

              – Coal Fired
              – Natural Gas
              – Biomass
              – Petroleum
              – Chemical Recovery
              – Heat Recovery (HRSG)




5 Star Testing, Inc. is an industry leader in complete boiler inspection. Our superior methods and knowledge have drastically reduced our clients forced shutdowns and extended the life of their boilers.

One of the many things that sets 5 Star Testing apart from the rest of the competition is our staff. Many of 5 Star’s lead boiler inspectors have been with the company for over 20 years, which is uncommon in this industry. This correlates to a consistent set of inspectors that not only build a relationship with you as our client, but learn the individual quirks that each unit can have.

Our visual inspectors use their extensive knowledge and years of experience to locate problem areas that can be easily overlooked by other companies. They will be able to direct ultrasonic thickness mapping to more effectively target problem areas, and cut down on unneeded data points.

After the inspection, a report will be compiled detailing the condition of the boiler and any recommendations for repair. Our clients have noticed the difference in the quality of inspection from day 1, recognizing the value that 5 Star Testing brings, and the long-term cost savings they can appreciate.

Below are some examples & illustrations detailing just part of what we do for a comprehensive boiler inspection.


Economizer Boiler Tubes


5 Star Testing inspectors look at all the tubes in the assembly, not just the lead tube. It is common on horizontal assemblies to have soot blower erosion that doesn’t start until several tubes deep.







Boiler Water wall tubes



The blue paint indicates cladding restoration areas around the wall blower. As you can see our inspectors mark out the exact area to help reduce costs of repairing areas that are not needed.






Ultrasonic Thickness Testing & Mapping

Ultrasonic thickness (UTT) mapping is a critical component to a comprehensive boiler inspection. 5 Star Testing is a leader in measuring material thickness and thickness of coating/ cladding. This is most commonly used to monitor erosion in sootblower lanes and reducing atmosphere corrosion (RAC) on furnace walls. The training and experience level of our UT technicians, along with targeted data points is another key factor that separates us from our competition. Our clients notice a significant difference over time with having less forced shutdowns. It’s one of the many reasons why we have so many long term standing clients.

5 Star technicians will gather the ultrasonic thickness readings, then the data will be presented in a color coded spreadsheet with a drawing detailing the areas inspected. There will also be a line graph that will compare the readings at the same point over time. This will give you a visual representation of the wear rate.

To learn more about our ultrasonic testing capabilities, click here.


Repair/ Work Orders

Along with the formal report you will be given a repair/ work order that details all the locations that require or are recommended for repair. These will be prioritized based upon an agreed criteria. Our work orders are easy to understand, detailed, and shows exact work that needs to be performed.


Post Inspection

When 5 Star Testing has completed the inspection, you will be given an in depth, detailed formal report of the findings and recommendations, ultrasonic thickness testing data, and repair/work orders. There will also be an exit meeting to go over all the findings and to answer any questions.