Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Olympus Omni Scan Phased Array

5 Star Testing offers  phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) which is an advanced ultrasonic testing method. Phased Array has a wide range of applications from weld inspections to corrosion mapping (B/ C-scan). With phased array we’re able to steer and focus a high-resolution sound beam to see into the weld or material to easily identify flaws or discontinuities. At 5 Star Testing, we use the Olympus Omni Scan, it has been the most successful portable and modular phased array test instrument produced by Olympus to date, with thousands of units in use throughout the world. We are proud to use such a reliable and accurate machine.

Several key advances of phased array over radiography for weld inspection are: not having to shut down a work area, the ability to identify flaws while scanning in real time, and our technicians ability to work alongside the welder to repair any flaws in a timely manner.

Tech doing phased array inspection

Our technicians have experience inspecting boiler tubing, power piping, pressure vessels, tanks, structural welding, etc. For specialized weld or part configurations, we have advanced tools such as beam plotting and focal law software. This allows us to draw the part and develop a scan plan that will improve efficiency and accuracy. The software visualizes the beams in the part and shows how they would reflect off the geometry of the part and indications.

For corrosion (B & C-scan) inspection, we use the Olympus Omni Scan with a Hydro-Form probe at a 0° scan. This unit will cover inspections for corrosion mapping, checking integrity of bonding/cladding, laminations, lack of fusion, and other volumetric examinations that use a 0° inspection angle.

phased array weld drawing

Our phased array technicians have the specialized training and experience to provide high quality inspections for a broad range of industries.