Quality Control / Quality Assurance


5 Star Testing provides QA/QC services for outage support. Our personnel are highly trained and qualified to ensure that you receive the quality of work that is expected from your contractors.

Our inspectors are entrusted for high quality and reliable inspections that comply with the requirements of the controlling jurisdiction, applicable governing code, customer requirements, and applicable standards of 5 Star Testing, Inc.

When you give our inspectors authority over the Quality Control system they’ll exercise the organizational freedom to identify quality problems; initiate, recommend, or provide solutions to those problems, and verify that the required action has been properly carried out.

Our Inspectors have a wide range of skills; from determining if an ultrasonic thickness survey is being taken in the wrong area or if the inspection contractor is missing key areas where wall loss is occurring. Our inspectors are brought out to oversee repair work, to ensure proper procedures are being followed, safeguarding the quality of the work.